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  Email me Alex C.

I met Richard 2 years ago in San Francisco outside of a club after an all night dance session. We ended up sharing a cab then going to breakfast and hanging out most of the day. From that a wonderful friendship has evolved. We both share a love of life and things spiritual. We are both teacher and student to each other. I am blessed to have Richard as a friend and know that by the example of his life we can all learn volumes:) See my partner William below.

  Email me Alex S.

"I searched all over, could not find someone to hold * some peace of mind * yesterday is gone * nothing else to do * but let it go * before I lose all of my hopes and my dreams for something that ain't real * things ain't always as they seem * 'cause there's sunshine after rain * and after the night comes morning * and in the spring the flowers bloom again * when I’m feeling down like there's no way out I know the love I have inside will make it alright * and when it feels like I’m going crazy * when it feels like I’m going insane * when it feels like I’m going crazy * found a cure to get me through another day * found a cure * to get me through another day * how many times before have you been left alone and you feel confused * do you have the strength to keep trying when the walls just keep on closing in * but you got everything that you need inside your heart if you just believe things ain't always as they seem”– Ultra Nate “Situation Critical: Found a Cure”: The song ended - I stepped off the dance floor – and minutes later I met Richard with his long hair, nerdy eyeglasses, a RADIANT BIG SMILE and a cup of RedBull & Vodka* With time the friendship and DRAMA blossomed with every metamorphosis we under went.

  Anthony and Stefan

Madonna's "American Life" CD has completely revolutionized the way we view life. I mean, we were all in the dark about what was really important in life until the pop queen diva figured it out. It was a wake up call, articulated so eloquently by the "What the f***k do you think you're doing?!?" experience in Kazaa. Now we realize that material things, vanity, and inflated ego's are not the key to happiness, but losing your edge and the ability to shock are. That's what we love about Richard, he will never lose those qualities. But are you happy Richard? Come on now! Talk to mamma!

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  Email me! David

I met Richard in Campus. No, in Machine. Or maybe Club Cafe? Hmmm... where exactly did we meet? Seems that we've both been in Boston for years, running into each other frequently, saying hi, but we became friends only recently through our common interest in Yoga (I'm still waiting for Richard to demonstrate to me dead bug position). Now breath 5 deep breaths and make a giant step with your right foot..."

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  Email me Eric H.

Ahh Richard, what can I say. He magically appeared when I cast a spell that weakened the barriers between paralell worlds, bringing him from a different life in Austria to this alternate world.
Here in my world he soon met puckish Travis, which led to adventures through many a looking glass for all of us.
The mercurial Janine and her goddess like partner Zandra, effervescent Maria, notoriously nefarious dark Goddess Nuria, Lokkian like-minded Fred, the recalcitrant brilliant wild child Tim, prudishly flagrant flamer Stephan, the demure domanatrix Katherine, erstwhile Adrian and of course a whole cast of other inhabitors of this world they made their own including the mystical multi- personalitied Eric/Nathan/Zephaniah (or what ever he is calling himself these days).
Now years later, some are here. Others are gone. They live on in our hearts and minds. New faces are sitting at our table of friends. His photos are a tribute and a legacy to adventures that will forever live on. He has touched all of us, and no doubt will continue to do so for a long time.

  Email me Eric vS.

I met Richard through my dear friend Alex C while I was living in San Francisco and got to know Richard during his many visits there. I've subsequently caught up with him at the Vauxhall Tavern in London where I am now living (London, not the Vauxhall Tavern) and know that I will be fortunate enough to see a lot more of him in the years to come. As to whether I will be able to keep up with him, I don't know, but I will try :)

  Jayson H.

Let see I met Richard at an after-hours dance club "Vision." Like so many of his admirers he caught my eye. We never spoke the entire night but I noticed him and he noticed me. He approached me at the end of the evening and invited me to a party and so on and so fourth. Richard is one of my favorite friends. He holds a piece of my heart. :-) A great example of what life should be about.

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  Email me Len U.

"No - that's not my grandmo cut out of the picture.... Why does everyone always ask that anyways? Cann't think of much to say other than I know Richard for a couple of years now although we live in different cities. The other thing to say right now is really about this damn war we are going through. It's sad to see that we are reliving the Roman Empire yet again.... On a side note - I work in clinical data services at RRI in the wonderful New York City."

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  Maria H.

"Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever."

  Email me Mark C.

From our first meeting at the infamous Rise in '02, I knew Richard and I would spend many shirtless nights sharing box space and transmitting bliss.
In real life I work at Boston University in Instructional Technology.

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  Mike died on Friday, Jan 23 2004 after fighting cancer for several years. May his great spirit live on! Michael Z.

Hi, my name is Michael. I'm one of the "old europe" friends of Richard. We went to high-school together in Graz. Even though he lives so far abroad right now, I'm happy that we are still in such close contact. We have benn learning from each other so many times, and we have been able to stay such good friends.

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  Nuria S.

Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.

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Peter Z. and Alice H.

I first met Richard briefly at the boy scouts in Graz. We must have been about 8 years old. My boysout career was rather short though: 3 visits. Our paths then crossed again going to high school together. When I transefered to another school, we lost cotact for a couple of years but met again studying the same major. That was also the time when we became real close friends. During the end of our studies we both went abroad for a year - Richard to New Zealand and myself to California. Surprisingly enough, we even got jobs at the same company in Santa Clara in 98. After six months, Richard transferred to the Boston office and I moved in with Alice in Los Angeles. Alice and I will be moving to San Diego soon

  Email me Robert M.

I'm one of richard's old friends from the part of the world known as europe. for 8 years we went together to the same high-school, but not to the same class, which was the resaon, that we became friends in the last years of our high school days. this was the time we both became famous as `partyrichard´ and ‘meisterMERC´, by celebrating the hippest partys in town. while richard dances in the clubs of the western hemesphere i'm still stuck in our old hometown Graz, but fortunately, i´m now organizing serious ´partys´, for a big pr-agency – but in those days nobody beside me is throwing away his shirts – richard we miss you!!!

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  Email me Susanne H.

hi - i am susanne, also one of richard's "good old europe" friends. i got to know richard around 8 or 9 year ago in the gym we both worked out. in fact richard (actually i call him "richi") was my aerobic instructor :-) who helped me a lot after a serious knee surgery years ago. by the way - thanks for that, richi! currently i am working in the graz tourist office trying to promote graz all around the globe. this means i am travelling a lot from north america to australia, from japan to europe and when the timing is perfect i even get the chance to meet richi somewhere in the US. if you want to know more about our hometown come and see us

  Email me Travis S.

Richard and I have been friends since just before he moved to Boston, which I guess I am at least partly to blame for since we were dating at the time and his first Boston residence was at my place in Dorchester (scarry area of Boston for the out-of-towners). Along with claiming blame for his move to Boston, I can also lay claim to his introduction to the nightlife scene. It may be hard to believe, but the Party Richard you know today, used to be an innocent little Austrian with a thick accent. As wacky as our ride together through life has been so far, I can't wait to experience where we will go next!

  Email me William P.

I met Richard through Alex. Richard was in London and emailed me to meet. It was a Monday night and id finished work after a long stressful shift. Richard took me to a great bar in Soho that I never knew existed (and I was born here!!!!!). We then ended up at Heaven dancing our asses off I dont think we left the dance floor for 3 hours. The stress of the day left me within half an hour of meeting Richard!!!. Thanks for a great night Richard and you know who to call next time your in London.